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Dating Site Tips

There's no great mystery to online dating, but it can sometimes be a easy to assume that every member has worked out for themselves how to make best ue of the site. In fact most people can sometimes overlook simple techniques that can improve the chances of ending up with dates in their diaries.

Polish Your Profile

First impressions last so make sure your profile is well polished by checking the following:

* Check any text you've written for accurate punctuation, spelling and grammar. It's surprising how the simplest of errors can make a bigger impression than the content itself.
* Emphasise the positive about yourself and avoid listing what you think are character traits that others might dislike.
* Write enough to provoke interest, but not so much that it becomes a rambling story about your entire life. Give a taster that leaves them curious for more information.

Smile at the Camera

Your profile photo is the first thing others will notice so it needs to be a shot that flatters you. You can add additional photos (and we recommend that you do) so that there's a small gallery of images.

* Use a recent head and shoulders shot for your main photo.
* Add another one or two in various poses.
* Add others that show you engaged in your favourite hobby, on holiday, etc.

Photos can convey all kinds of messages. Do you want to appear friendly? Flirtatious? Romantic? Experiment for the look that suits the message you're trying to convey.

Sending and Receiving

Treat messages as you would any form of verbal communication. In our busy lives common courtesy can often be overlooked, but good manners are the oil that keeps the relationship engine running.

Respond to those who contact you, even if it's to gently explain that you don't want to take things any further. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your first impression of the other person was wrong and that actually you find something appealing about them. Friendships can develop in all kinds of ways.

Be Active

Don't be a wallflower, get on the dancefloor and dance. Online dating is a like a party; to get the best from it you have to join in. Active members who log on frequently attract more attention and therefore are more likely to succeed. If others see that you haven't used the site recently they are more likely to pass you by in favour of someone who has been online in the past few days.

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