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Dating Site Safety

Much has been made of the supposed security risks of using online dating sites and social networks. You may have seen stories in the press about individuals who have become the victims of fraud or seen discussions on TV about people who have been conned in one way or another. The truth is that these instances are few and far between and with the use of simple precautions the risk associated with such activity can be minimised or even removed completely.

Your Password is a Key

Choose a password that you can remember but don't use real words that someone else could guess. Make up a password that is a combination of letters and numbers, or for even stronger security, use letters, numbers and symbols and mix the case of the letters. Do not write your password down where others can see it.

If you find it hard to remember all these obscure passords that you may need for all the sites that you use then use a password storage program like Roboform. This will store all your passwords securely and make logging in to each site easy with just one click. Roboform will also synchronise your password file between multiple devices so that your passwords are updated on your PC, laptop, phone, or tablet. This is a bit like locking your keys in a safe.

Roboform offers a free trial so download a copy and give it a try.

Personal Information is Private Information

One of the advantages of using our dating site is the fact that you can send messages and communicate with another member without revealing your email address or phone number. Of course, it's perfectly reasonable to ask for these if you have built up a little trust with someone but don't be too quick to let them know what these details are. Wait until you're sure you would like to pass on this information. If your contact is a genuine person then they will respect your wishes and will remain patient until you are ready to take the next step and meet for a date.

Scammers and Fraudsters

Just as there are pickpockets and shoplifters in our towns and cities there are scammers and fraudsters who try their luck on dating sites by posting seemingly innocent profiles which they then use to lure the unwary into parting with some money. However, they are easy to spot as their motives are invariably to do with financial gain. Favorites stories they use to presuade others to send them money are; being stuck abroad and needing cash to buy a flight to come and see you, or being ill and needing the money for treatment, or needing money for a sick relative.

If you are suspicious of anyone you encounter on our site then please inform us. We treat all such reports in the strictest confidence.

Still Reading?

It can be a bit alarming reading about precautions like those we've listed above, but we stress that the things we've mentioned happen very rarely and shouldn't be a reason for you to avoid online dating sites. Trust your instincts and keep your feet on the ground and you won't stray off the path.

Keep these guidlines in line and enjoy using our UK dating site!

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