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About Love Services

We launched our first dating site in the summer of 2004 and quickly added several more. We love what we do. There's no other word for it - it's a labour of love. Bringing people together and letting nature take its course creates a great deal of job satisfaction because we know from lots of past experience that it works and we've got a top team to take care of any questions or concerns you may have.

Helpful Dating Advice

As well as a fully functioning dating site that is fun to use and which brings about the desired results our site also contains numerous articles containing plenty of helpful advice for singletons, an online dating blog, and a comprehensive dating site directory that covers almost every conceivable niche, location, interest or activity. Naturally we hope you'll stick with us but we realise you'll want to explore and we're confident enough of our own sites to present the alternatives to you. It's a big old cyber world out there and it's easy to get lost in the maze so stick with those who have found their way about and who've charted the territory.

21st Century Dating

Online dating is changing and evolving and we're keeping a close eye on the developments so that we can quickly take advantage of any new features that we think you'll enjoy using. When we've found something we think you'll enjoy using we'll add it to the site. Recently we introduced webcam recording so that you can make short video clips to add to your profile. Facilities on a dating site are all about quality, not quantity. There's no point in having lots of bells and whistles if they don't enhance the site. You won't find our dating sites cluttered with gimmickry. Instead, we've spent time testing and perfecting reliable and secure features.

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You'll find it easy to upload photos to your profile from your mobile phone, add them using your webcam, upload them from your computer, or even send them to use for scanning and we'll add them for you. As well as sending messages you can also wink or send gifts to your beloved or new found friends and there's personality profiling and other matchmaking features to keep you amused.

Once you've registered with us we'll be in regular contact to keep you informed of the latest developments and to send you tips and advice about how to obtain the most benefit and success as a member. We'll also send you occasional summaries of the latest members to join. New arrivals register every day so there's always someone new to see.

If you need any support of any kind we have a team of people on hand to help you with your enquiries.

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